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20 Black & White Dining Rooms That Work Their Monochrome Magic

An integral space for any family dinner, the Black & White Dining Rooms are vital – but often overlooked – part of the home.Filling the space between lounge and kitchen, it often acts as

10 Best Brand Logo Redesigns – 2016

From the iconic companies Budweiser or Kodak to the most recent ones such as Instagram or Uber, all of them have a strong visual identity. Logos gives a clear decsription about the company and

15 DIY for Designers

The designs explores how designers might conceive, assemble and distribute products themselves. The collection of self-produced objects includes furniture and lighting,etc. Each of these designs are stylish and are efficient for designers to show

25 Comfortable Reading Chairs To Help You Get Lost In Your Literary World

A spot in the sun with a relaxing read is a simple and timeless happiness. Lovers of literature know that some time alone – with a great book – can sometimes be the best

12 Home Design Trends That Rocked 2016

The time to say good bye to 2016 has almost been reached. Before leaving of 2016 it is better to analyze the best Home Design Trends That Rocked 2016. Yet like any other, it

40 Christmas Home Decor Items To Help You Get Ready For The Season

Christmas decoration is any of several types of ornamentation used at Christmas time.Christmas bells starts to ring…It is the time for the decorations in home,office,business place etc. Try a reindeer, angel candle, star light,

30 Captivating Peacock Home Decor Accessories

Differing from owl and bird decorations, home accessories with peacock decorations are colorful and fabulous. Due to their prowess and majesty, peacock decorations are extraordinary. Adorning paintings, cushions, bedspreads and lighting, these pieces are

11 Daybed Ideas We’re Daydreaming About

Daybeds are beautiful, comfortable and perfectly usable pieces of furniture now a days.A daybed is one of the most versatile pieces we can add to a home. Not only are there several purposes for

11 Furniture Collection Inspired by a Hotel

The collection of furniture that are inspired by a hotel are shown here.It only made sense to expand those pieces of furniture into a custom collection that echoed the strong aesthetics, wood craftsmanship, and

25 Creative Home Office Ideas for You to Work

Now a days people will do work from home in case of some urgency rather than doing from office.People who are working from home will always find the best way to accommodate a creative